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March 14, 2012


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Proposed Changes to 3D Category

Wed Mar 14, 2012, 3:36 PM

After an overwhelming response to the "Split the Category" discussion, I'd like to share a proposal for a new gallery layout with you all, to get your thoughts and feedback.

While the majority of people did vote for a split, A substantial number voted against, and a few very important points about not fragmenting the community were brought up.

From rummaging through the gallery and reading (and re-reading) everyone's replies, the issue seems to be finding things in the current gallery structure. So, instead of further fragmenting the community, we've restructured the gallery layout to make it easier to find what you're looking for.

Everything will STILL be under the 3-Dimensional Art umbrella. Daily Deviations will still be selected from all subcategories of 3-Dimensional Art.

Once we have the restructure organised, the next thing we'll do is start a discussion answering some of your questions on how 3D Daily Deviations are chosen, so please hold off on discussing them here.

If we can keep the discussion organised, I'd like you guys to comment on the following (though other comments are welcome):

:bulletgreen: Are any categories confusing/Can you suggest better naming?
:bulletgreen: Is this an improvement on the existing structure?
:bulletgreen: Should any categories be added or removed?
:bulletgreen: Any other feedback?

The stuff in brackets is just descriptive and won't be in the final title (though they'll all have a description).

Here's the structure we've settled on so far:
  • 3D Art
    • Sculpting Any finished 3D sculpt (mudbox, zbrush, sculptris etc)
      • Characters

      • Beasts

      • Robots

      • Other

    • Hard Surface (Any 3d model of inorganic objects - often with straight edges)
      • Warfare

      • Transport

      • Buildings and Architecture

      • Furniture

      • Appliances and Contraptions

      • Robots

      • Other

    • Organic (Any 3D model of organic, often living objects)
      • Female

      • Male

      • Children

      • Anthro

      • Beasts

      • Plants

      • Other

    • Scenes and Composits (renders with multiple elements and environments)
      • Abstract

      • Surreal

      • Landscapes and Terrain

      • Architectural Visualisation (Architectual/Commerical 3D Exteriors, Interiors etc)

      • Interiors

      • Exteriors

      • Still Life

      • Fantasy

      • Science Fiction

      • Fetish & Pinup

      • Characters

      • Collaborations (things you've worked on as part of a team)

      • Other

    • WIPs and Tests (All unfinished and all test renders go here)

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schwarzeeis May 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this should work well.
inmc Apr 13, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Oh, and from comments I got the impression a main problem is tension between.
- 3D modellers
- People who create scenes from downloaded/premade models

And I can see why. Of course the result can be artistic in both cases. But if you create your own models from scratch you have to put way more effort in it and you can much better control how the result looks like.
inmc Apr 13, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Personally I dislike this categorisation since it put's too much emphasis on technical details in creation process and not enough on theme and artistic aspects. But ok, that's probably just me. :(
Cymae Apr 13, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
there's a new version of the proposal
I think its all a great idea.
However I would recommend changing Beasts to Creatures

Beasts just give me thoughts of beasts of burden vs creatures which gives visions of non-humanoid critters.
Not to mention confusing it with breasts... but then that's probably cause I am a guy heheheh

-OK maybe a guy with some issues :P

Seriously though Creatures just seems a little more broad for the category name
Cymae Apr 12, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Alreasdy done in the newer proposal :)
Wow! I wasn't even aware that this was going on. It will be interesting to know what's decided, but being sort of ignorent on these matters I find that there are enough categorisations out there to confuse anyway. Is there really a problem?
I belong to an 'art group' on Yahoo - and yes, there seem to be some people who think 3D stuff using pre-made models is, well, somehow inferior - then they get all excited over paintings of buildings / landscapes and so on, and, of course the artist didn't actually build the houses / assemble them in the street / landscapes were mostly not planted by the artist (although Monet...) Now, if painting could be seperated the same way, then it would be interesting to see how many artists would be able to post to the 'I made it all myself' category.
Anyway, best of luck with this. I use Renderosity sometimes and the galleries there are mainly split by Software package - Poser, DAZ Studio, Cinema etc....
Sorry, but I need to rise this topic once more. In your current blog, you said something about "not fragmenting the community". But do we have a solid community to speak of? The original content creators and premade model users have completely opposite mindsets, and trying to force them together will only make the tensions between them worse. I understand that as a CV you have a quite big responsibility for any actions, but please, do not just ignore all voices made for separation.

I cannot keep this discussion with a calm head, because this issue is quite personal for me. But at least listen to *Nefquareiel 's suggestions. She summed up the modelers' view on problem way better than many of us could.
Cymae Apr 4, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
There's another revision of the layout being posted todayish, I've been a bit busy but the discussion isn't over.

The layout has been amended according to people's comments and im hoping we're getting closer to a solution
Got it. Thank you.
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