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3D Week Finale

Sun Dec 4, 2011, 5:19 PM
PE 2010 stamp by projecteducate

It's time to wrap up 3D Week at Project Educate.

Bear with us, this is a mammoth blog. We're going to do a summary of the week, announce the winners we've had over the week, do some features and express some gratitude!

First things first, please fill in This Survey.
Whether you participated in any or all of the 3D week events, be it quietly followed, or entered a contest, or joined our live chat, your feedback is valuable and will help steer us in the right direction for future events. Knowing what you did and didn't like, what we did well and what we could do better are things we need to know so we can make the next event even more awesome.

Here's a recap of the week's events:

Monday, November 28: 3D Printing!

Tuesday, November 29: Resources for 3D Artists

Wednesday, November 30: Scavenger Hunt!

Thursday, December 1: Improve your 3D Renders!

Friday, December 2: Live Chat

Saturday, December 3: Pixar Interview

Sunday, December 4: Wrap Up

Next, the announcement of some prizes!

Winners will be notified next week, and prizes will be distributed at the end of the month, so if you have won a prize and not recieved a note, don't panic! It's coming.

Here are the winners for the 3D Modeling Contest
The aim of this contest was to submit a 3D model that would look great and work well as a printed object. Thank you to Olaf Diegel for judging this contest for us!

In third place, we have ShippD With his entry, Fangs:
Fangs-1 by ShippD

ShippD has won 1000 DeviantArt Points!

In second place, we have Cryrid with Dwarf:
Dwarf: Basemesh Clothes by Cryrid

Cryrid has won a print to the value of $25 from DeviantArt!

And finally, the winner is FrozenTempest with his Dragon:
3D dragon turn about. by FrozenTempest

FrozenTempest will be contacted to supply his 3D model to be printed and sent to him, courtesy of Olaf Diegel!

Congratulations to all our winners, we had a lot of entries, and they were all fantastic, so thank you to everyone who participated. Here's a feature of the other entrants:

bee the insect by choudryarif Megabeetle WIP by Zetpk Dynamo pig by 3dsmaxanimator
ADF-01X Final by Skyknightb Steam Soldier detail by JamesMargerum November Re-Tweak by TylerXy
Khrushovka by Janiashvili House for anim by Deoce MGS4: Gekko walk pose by keshon83
Lighthouse of Alexandria by logomachine

Here are the winners from the 3D Library!
Participants sent a variety of links to resources, tutorials, books and forums! We picked two of the best to receive a prize for their submissions.

Wolvenmoon wins 350 points for linking us to the great site,

EdtheHobbit wins 350 points for a massive bumper list of resources which they sent us, including four books, five industry forums, four tutorial sights and three resource sites.

Their contributions, along with others will be published in the Library in the coming weeks, as we start fleshing it out and adding more content. Remember to note Cymae if you would like to do any articles or book reviews.

Here are the winners for the 3D Gallery Scavenger Hunt!
Entrants had to browse through other people's galleries to match up deviations with traits listed in the blog. Special prizes were awarded to those who posted a great extra trait to consider.

For the set with the clearest examples, GypsyH has won a print to the value of $15 from DeviantArt!

For the set with the nicest examples, DeckardX08 has won an Emoticon Complete Set!

Here are our 3 winners for 500 DA Points with the best traits:
gemznbeadz with Angaglyphs:
Anaglyphs are 2D images that are printed in two colors, slightly offset, that appear to be 3D when viewed with special glasses containing one lens in each of the colors.

zememz with Low-Polygon Modeling:
Polygon meshes are one of the major methods of modelling a 3D object for display by a computer. Polygons can, in theory, have any number of sides but are commonly broken down into triangles for display. In general the more triangles in a mesh the more detailed the object is, but the more computationally intensive it is to display. In order to decrease render times (i.e. increase frame rate) the number of triangles in the scene must be reduced, by using low poly meshes.
Objects that are said to be low poly often appear blocky (such as square heads) and lacking in detail (such as no individual fingers). Low poly meshes do not necessarily look bad, for example a flat sheet of paper represented by one polygon looks extremely accurate.

Nanaki-Murasaki with Animation:
Animation is a known trait that 3D gets used for very often. Be it a simple introductory walk animation with a box man to learning complex robotic motions using bones. Animation is forever engraved with 3D.
One such beautiful example of what 3D can do when it is implemented in animation shows best in this video.

Congratulations to all our Scavenger Hunt Winners!

Now, the secret agenda of this scavenger hunt is to prove to you guys what an awesome and diverse feature we can come up with if we pool our thoughts together. Each hunter was asked not to collect their own work,. As such, we came up with something wonderful!

Here is a feature of all the gorgeous work our hunters collected:

Sun Shining by Thelma1 Organic Form by kaiser-br Bryce 1 by Craig-Larsen
Music of the Spheres by anthony-g greeble... by aptoverde V-ray Fur Training by midoo55
Nowhere City by 2sic Waterfall Valley by Wasteland-3D Quantum Mechanic Clockwork of the Cosmic Calendar by MANDELWERK
:thumb256355038: Organic Modeling Test E by pixelchemist Rubi Malone Low Poly Wires by HazardousArts
:thumb209529016: Plane Art by ced66 Isla Sorna water closeup by HANxOPX
The Snailmaker by ARTTalkRID harlequin by akanomis Bajaj 3d by binusianwolf
3D Mini Cooper HDRI Lighting by minifong Still Life with Cheese by JJLudemann Sanctuary by 00AngelicDevil00
Goblin by EtherealProject :thumb271683772: Jihl Test Render by rebelgamer86
Overbearing by Kit-Elliott Arthiel Naralvathir: Eladrin Wizard by LordDukane :thumb271676410:
Hidden by sentimentalfreak Mobile Ion Destroyer by KaranaK Shower Gel SSS by iceSkar
Desert Rose x by sentimentalfreak Milk by 4f6f3b VESPER: IMPERATORUS ALBATUS by Aiyanami
Distort by T1g4h SinE City- Planet SC- 06 WM by AlexNIKO The Highlands of Eovraror by FCLittle
Sharp Ends by AureliusCat Vue Competition Entry by aksu Old Brawler by Art-by-Smitty
My_Car_at_the_MOA by Thamyris71

Mature Content

Longing by Raindropthelf

And the last of our prizes announced today, spot prizes from the Industry Live Chat
We had a few spot prizes that were given away for the Industry live chat. There's a log at the link above.

galacticfan wins 350 points for the first question of the event.

Rogue284 wins an Emoticons Buttons Pack, nominated by our guest Dbl-Dzl for best questioner!

galacticfan also wins a Trollface Buttons Pack, nominated  by our guest odiegel for best questioner!

karma4ya wins a 6 month Premium Membership for answering a question about Dbl-Dzl's comments

Mathness wins a Stress Ball Keychain for answering a question about odiegel's comments

This sort of event is not a one-person show, and there's a lot of work done behind the scenes. I'd like to thank all the helpers and supporters for 3D Week, particularly the following:

:iconmikklings: Mikklings
Thank you for all your hard work leading up to 3D week, including the marketing, advertising and hype-building. Thanks for doing write-ups in the background, going homepage to homepage in order to get people involved, and putting the support of the SpeedyThemes chat room fully behind the project.

:iconricsmond: Ricsmond
Your efforts were simply astounding, in the scavenger hunt write-up and transcribing the Enrico Casarosa interview from the audio, an effort which I know took several hours. Your work make it easier to finalise the article and push events out on time. Thank you for following each 3D Week event with dedication and enthusiasm, and linking each event as-it-happened in the SpeedyThemes chat room.

:icongalacticfan: galacticfan
Thanks for getting the interview questions done for Olaf, and your research into 3D printing. Your enthusiasm kept things moving, and the time you donated to the event is greatly appreciated.

:iconnanaki-murasaki: Nanaki-Murasaki
Thanks for your efforts in the Rendering article, your work was excellent and formed a very solid foundation for what has been a very successful piece. Without you, the article wouldn't have had the excellent form that it did.

The crew at BryceChat
You guys have been fantastic, participating in a multitude of events and giving some great real-time feedback on what was needed and how it was all going. The excitement you guys showed was astounding, and your support behind the project was invaluable.

Olaf Diegel (odiegel)
Thank you for your time and efforts, in giving us an excellent interview, sponsoring the first place prize in the modelling contest, judging and joining our live chat. You are a star and we're all very privileged to have had your experience and knowledge to tap. Your enthusiasm for 3D printing has inspired and exhilarated DeviantArt artists en-mass, and not just those into 3D. Your article has been featured in the DeviantArt Email Newsletter and has seen thousands of views and countless enthusiastic responses.

:icondbl-dzl: David Donze (Dbl-Dzl)
Your answers and assistance in the 3D Industry Live Chat were excellent, and we are honoured to have had you with us. We appreciate your dedication, especially staying at work to talk to us after your work day had ended. Our DeviantArt regulars who are working in the industry are the future of helping 3D gallery artists go forward and become inspirations unto themselves.

:iconkovowolf: KovoWolf
Thank you for helping to moderate our live chat! Your experience and diligence kept everything together like glue and without you it would have likely turned into a big mess.

Enrico Casarosa
We appreciate the valuable time you gave us, both for an interview and the sketch you have generously donated for our Picture Paints a Thousand Words contest. You are an inspiration to artists everywhere, and your words will guide us to do bigger and better things. Thanks for your support.

:iconmoonbeam13: Moonbeam13
You are an absolute gem. Your support, both in setting up galleries, promotion and the hoard of DeviantArt prizes you put at our disposal was a tremendous effort, and I think everyone who participated would agree that your work really made this event possible. While you're usually in the background, being the rock the Community Relations team can lean on, you don't often get a spot in the limelight yourself, but on behalf of the entire community who participated in 3D week, I'd like to thank you for everything.

The Community Relations Team
If Moonbeam was the rock to lean on, you guys were the solid ground beneath it, helping work through panic, come up with ideas, write up the valuable little bits and pieces when time was running short, and calming me down when I was panicking. You guys also operate in the background when the project isn't your own, but the level of assistance you've given is astounding.

The administrators of DeviantArt's 3D-themed groups
You guys are rock stars, you post updates and journals directing your members to 3D gallery events, and support these sorts of projects by directing the many deviants who look up to you for advice and support towards them. Though you guys are the unsung heroes, the fact is, without the mammoth support of the 3D groups on DeviantArt, we wouldn't have an audience for a project like 3D Week, so thank you all very much!

If I've forgotten someone I'm very sorry, but trust me your help was still immensely appreciated, it's just a very long list.

So that's all from me, I'm sorry for the mountain of text, there was just a lot to say! I'm not sure why I want to cry other than it was a fantastic week and I'm sorry to see it over. Don't forget about our on-going contests, and to fill in our survey, which will help us work out how to manage and facilitate future events for you guys.

Thank you everyone for your participation, and make sure you keep an eye out for future events!

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Nanaki-Murasaki Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Tis my pleasure Cymae. Let us hope this event comes even sooner again!
Mikklings Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
A really fantastic week cymae, The only person that didn't get a thanks in this journal/blog was you!

Thank you ^Cymae for organising this, for the sleepless panicky nights you went through to write up blogs,
Thank you ^Cymae for getting oh so many prizes approved and motivating 3D artists once again to work as a community and show DA just who we are.
Thank you ^Cymae for getting the pros and Enrico to make time for us DA 3D artists and last of all
Thank you ^Cymae for being our CV. You've set the bar high for yourself but you're way above it anyway!

Gratz to all the winners, and for those that didn't win anything I hope you have learnt much and enjoyed the week!
Rogue284 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2011
Sad to see it end but happier that it happened.
saxeh Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
awesome work here :nod: , unfortunately no time to join this fun :(
I-is-smart Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow this is awesome! I am not that good at 3D but I am a HUGE fan this is an awesome collection you got here!!!

oh an first comment (unless someone just commented right after i reloaded and while i was writing this...
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