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3D Gallery Bulletin - April

Wed Apr 4, 2012, 5:03 PM

Welcome to April! (No, really this time!)

This month I told a teeny white lie in the spirit of April Fools :D There is of course definitely a bulletin, and here it is!

I have 3 notices to give you guys before we get into the community's news.

Firstly, there's a new revision of the gallery layout for you guys to comment on.
You can familiarise yourself with the previous two journals about it, The original topic is here, and the first draft of the new layout is here.

Secondly, due to a lot of confusion around how Daily Deviations are selected, I've made a journal discussing my process.
I am hoping this will reduce some of the confusion, and I welcome any and all questions you guys have so I can help make it clearer for you.

Thirdly, I've started doing livestreams for when I'm working at home on my personal projects.
I can't show you guys what I'm doing at work because I'm not allowed, but you can watch me work on the weekends when I'm at home, simply add me to your DevWatch and I'll post out a quick journal when I'm doing a livestream. They're sporadic for the moment, I'll come up with a firmer timetable later and work out some masterclasses too.

Just another reminder to please add me to your watchlists if you would like to be first to know about community news and updates. I do post a lot of stuff on my personal journal and although I also send things out to the 3D groups to forward to you guys, everything will get to you faster if you've got me on your watchlists.

March's Daily Deviation Roundup

You can check out last month's Daily Deviations here.

We had a good variety last month, congratulations to everyone who was featured.

In the Industry

Two exciting pieces of industry news this month!

The first is the announcement of Autodesk's 2013 suite, with some exciting new features on the books. Check it out: [link]

The second is a public beta of Photoshop CS6, which you can download for free here:…

Current News:

We have a new group in our little family, 3D-Anime which is off to a great start, with over 250 watchers in their first 3 weeks!

:bulletpink: :dev3D-Charactrs: have extended their March Challenge - The Player Character, which now ends on the 15th of April.

:bulletpink: 3D-Planet has closed shop momentarily while they do a bit of housekeeping. Do pop over and take a look at their group, because they're a great resource group and they don't usually get the attention they deserve!

:bulletpink: Autodesk-Maya are running a quick tip series of quick little tricks, hints and fixes for annoying things.

:bulletpink: C4DUsers are counting down to their Artist of the Month for April! Congratulations to March's winner, 2753Productions

:bulletpink: Bel-Social are running a Class of 2012 contest.

:bulletpink: The3DArtistClub is running regular short contests.

:bulletpink: SpeedyThemes are holding regular Speed 3D events. Check out their Chatroom too.

Please note me to have your group news mentioned here and I will update :) I have just put up a few that I've found. (also don't forget to send me your news for next month's issue)

Gallery-Wide Monthly Contest

As mentioned above, this month we've got a journal about How I pick Daily Deviations for the 3D Category, which leads us to April's contest!

This month's contest task: Note Cymae with the most successful Daily Deviations! Use the information in the above journal and ask me questions, then send me your DD suggestions by note. The person who has the most suggestions that are used divided by the total number of suggestions they make, will win! So make sure every single suggestion you send is likely to get picked!

Your suggestions should be sent by the 30th of April at 11.59pm PST (Click here for your local time).

Please make sure you visit the contest page and read the rules!

Last month, we asked you all to send us colorful bird-themed Deviations. Congratulations to our winner, zememz, who found this lovely little toucan for us, by dahruzzrreet:

Important Links:

March's Daily Deviation Round Up
Suggesting Daily Deviations
Helpful 3D Resource Groups
Speedythemes 3D chat for help, speed modelling, speed themes and critique
Animein3D 3D chat for 3D  Anime help
Brycechat 3D chat for help, general 3D chat and critique

Monthly Deviant Feature

This month we had an April Fool's Joke pretending to be our bulletin on the 1st of April. We recited nursery rhymes based on Deviations in the gallery, and as a slight deviation from our usual Monthly feature, I'd like to feature those artists and the poems that we made with their work.

I had to take a few liberties, so they might not be 100% word for word:

Jack and Jill

Captain Jack Sparrow by JPRart and Jill Valentine by igfalcon went up the Blossoming Bonsai by priteeboy
To fetch a the bucket 008 by Aranir of Hummingbird by radoxist.
Jack Campbell by TulioMinaki fell down and broke his Queen's Tools by agwesh,
And Jack_Jill by phutuSmacker came tumbling after.

Little Miss Muffet

Little A Visitor for Tea by Dani3D
Sat on a CherryPouffe by KdO,
Eating her Uninvited Guest by rikiyifu;
Along came a The Widow Maker 3 by skullbeast,
Who Daisy and Mary by JKLind beside her
And :thumb73773121: Miss :thumb39815108: away.

Tinker Tailor

Daisy by CyonixGFX, Daisy by seanearley, who shall it be?
Who shall it be who will Wedding by rodassaf me?
Philthy Rich by JoseAlvesSilva, Alas Poor Yorick by markopolio, Beggar by rayn3d, To Steal a Rubber Ducky by nmastudios,
:thumb105288050:, I'm your lawyer by Mellou, The Merchant 4 by JimmyMarshall, Police Chief Preston Final by Techno-Shinobi,
Harry thinker by mojette, The dollies tailor by mininessie66, tin soldier by cakeypigdog, :thumb285560850:.

What are Little Boys Made of?

What are Jelly Spider Friend by Wetterschneider made of made of
What are Boy with parrot by boblea made of?
SCISSORS by loshke & & cg puppy by fernandofaria's :thumb244561570:
And such are Little Boy by 4dampl made of.

This Little Piggy

This little Oink-or-Treat by deskridge went to market street by nonvisiblebob.
This little The Dream of a Pig by deskridge stayed Earth 2088 Home by Skylooks.
This little i swear it wasn't me by osmala had Burger Tower by MoriGuru,
This little fishePig by sanat49 had Empty by hannarb.
And this Pig with Jetpack by FizixRichard went WHEE by Goldenthrush Wee Folk by Dani3D Nimbus by DivineError all the way Mobile Home by arrghman.

My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean

My :thumb191137521: lies over the Ocean Scene 2 by Undercaffeinated
My Cowgirl by PixelPirate lies over the Museum of the Sea nature 2 by Bop181
My Bride by DarkPathos lies over the My Kingdom by ArthurBlue
Oh, bring back by SaphireNishi my :thumb264650703: to me

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